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Office stop #10: London, our final stop!
Hello London
Well hello my dear! Nice to see you are back safe and sound from your global travels! 

Our London-based colleagues give us their take on the Big Smoke and show us around their city.  Did you know that London is a city within a city,? Just one of the many wondrous things about this multi-cultural diverse city. 

Shall we make a cuppa and settle down for the read...
Team Xaxis UK are all smiles under their masks, we promise!
What is the population of London?
8.9 million in London and 67 million in the UK!

What's your national language(s)?
English, British English we'll have you know. And Welsh in Wales. Gaelic and Scots in Scotland. And about 40 different dialects across the country!

What is your capital city?
London, baby!

How big is the Xaxis team there?
There's 142 of us -  82 in EMEA HQ & Global, 60 in Xaxis UK

Who is your biggest client?

What's your biggest industry?
The service Industry, it dominates with 81% of GDP - that includes Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Business Services. London is the second-largest financial centre in the world.

What is your national sport?
Football. Followed closely by cricket and rugby.

Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
Cheese Rolling! An annual event at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, a 9 pound round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled from the top of a 200-yard hill and competitors chase it to the bottom, aiming to catch it. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner and gets the cheese as the prize. Crackers right?!
Tell us something about London!
London is a city in a city. The City of London was the original London- founded by the Romans, was called Londinuim, and was within the 'London Wall.' Nowadays, the City of London is governed by the Corporation of London and has its own flag, crest, police force, ceremonial armed forces, and a mayor who has a special title, the Right Honorable, the Lord Mayor of London. Oddly enough, if the monarch wants to enter the City of London, she first must ask the Lord Mayor for permission.

What is your cultural tip if visiting?
There is so much to see and do but the architecture is London's history alive! Take a walking tour, open-top bus tour or the riverboat to see some of the famous buildings, old and new. The skyline along the river Thames offers can be seen quite well from the London Eye observation wheel, - you'll get lovely panoramic views of the South Bank cultural complex, and the entire city. You might spot St Pauls, Tower Bridge, The Gherkin, The Walkie Talkie, The Shard, The Cheesegrater, The BT Tower to name a few!

Also worth a visit is the Palace of Westminster, aka The Houses of Parliament, is home of the House of Commons and the House of Lords; the two houses of the UK Parliament. And not to be missed is the 'dong' from its iconic clock tower Big Ben, which hasn't chimed since 2017 due to a 5-year long restoration of the tower. Westminster Abbey, is also of note, as the royal church, and is the burial place for British Monarchs and place of coronations and royal weddings.

London is filled with green spaces to enjoy. And it goes without saying that London is a foodie's heaven. With the rich diversity of people living in the capital, you can sample a little bit of every part of the world across the 32 boroughs of London!  Find out below what the UK's favourite food is.
It's hard to say what the nation's favourite food is as we're so spoilt for choice up and down the country! But we think it's a tie between Fish & Chips, as long as it's served with mushy peas and vinegar (and you get it from the local chippy!), and a good old Sunday Roast; again, as long as it's served with Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy. Here are the recipes to have a go at home! Fish & Chips recipe | Sunday Roast recipe.
Office stop #9: Dearborn aka Detroit
Howdy Dearborn, aka Detroit! 
Howdy Dearborn, or should we say Detroit! You folk stateside do like to keep us on our toes, with y'all moving during our global travels on this challenge. And who could blame you? With every type of landscape to enjoy in your many states, there's certainly something for everyone, so why stay in just one place eh?

Our US team give us the DL on their Detroit des-res and we find out more about what this United States of America has to offer for any seeking adventures and good on for more!
It's always fun time with Team Detroit!
What is the population of USA?
332 million and 637.601 in Detroit.

What's your national language(s)?
English - The American Way!

What is your capital city?
Washington D.C

How big is the Xaxis team there?
We're 29 of us :)

Who is your biggest client?
No surprise, it's Ford Motor Company. 

What's your biggest industry?
In Detroit, it's definitely Automotive.
Tell us something about Detroit!
Detroit is the only city in the U.S. where you can look South at Canada. 

Also, Detroit’s theater district is the second largest in the country, second only to New York City. Boasting an impressive 13,000 seats within a two-block radius, the theater district in Detroit is a cultural feat.

What is your cultural tip if visiting?
Definitely do a Detroit FC game (soccer). The Belle Isle Conservatory and Aquarium are also good visits

What is your national sport?

We're a pretty sporty bunch - we're know for Baseball, American Football, Ice Hockey and Basketball. Our Detroit local teams in these sports are: Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and Pistons

Like with sports, the food choices in the U.S. are vast - you can sample every type of cuisine here. In Detroit, some of our favourites are Detroit style pizza, American and Lafeyette Coney Island. This link sums up some of the best eats!
Office stop #8: Mexico City
Hola Mexico City!
Hola from Mexico City everyone! A capital city built on a lake, Mexico City has plenty to offer in terms of culture, commercial and food! 

Divided by the Tropic of Cancer, Mexico has varied climate ranging from tropical to desert so there is always something to discover here! Find out more from our Mexican Xaxis team, who share some of their beloved things about their city and country below.
Team Mexico have the Gallery View to rival all views!
What is the population of Mexico?
127.6 million and 9.03 million in Mexico City!

What's your national language(s)?

What is your capital city?
Mexico City.

How big is the Xaxis team there?
Our team is made up of 18 members :)

Who is your biggest client?
Colgate, Ford and Kelloggs.

What's your biggest industry?
The largest industry is the telephone industry at the moment, according to a top 10 of the 500 most important companies in Mexico reported by a well-known newspaper last month.
Tell us something about Mexico City!
The city was built on a lake.

What is your cultural tip if visiting?
You definitely have to have these places on your visiting list:
1) Bellas Artes
2) Xochimilco trajineras
3) Reforma (Ángel de la Independencia)
4) Zócalo y la catedral
5) Chapultepec

What is your national sport?
Charrería is the national sport, but we love all kinds of sports, one of the most famous is soccer, but currently boxing and mma fights have been quite popular.
We live in a country that has a great variety of landscapes, so you could do any sport right here, from ice skating, hiking or parachuting in and around CMDX, to sandboarding in the north of the country or surfing on our beautiful beaches in the Caribbean or Pacific.

It's food aplenty when you're in Mexico. Typical top foods include: Tamales, Pambazos and Esquites. Try them for yourself!
Office stop #7: Buenos Aires
Buenos Dias Buenos Aires!
A massive 'Fair Winds' welcome from our Argentine Xaxis team in Buenos Aires. Our Buenos Aires colleagues obviously have a great team dynamic, judging from the lovely video profiling the office and team culture. In addition, their city video shows off the city in all its Tango charm, see them both below.

Meanwhile, is everyone else sashaying to their calendar to book annual leave after reading more about this city?!
Team Buenos Aires are the definition of smiles
What is the population of Argentina?
45 million!

What's your national language(s)?

What is your capital city?
Buenos Aires.

What's your biggest industry?

What is your national sport?
A sport called 'Pato'. It's also called 'juego del pato', which literally means "duck game" and is a game played on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball.

Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
Underwater hockey! Other local options are ‘la bolita’ and ‘payana’ which are played by kids in the school recess (not sure now in the smartphone era)
Tell us something about Buenos Aires!
Buenos Aires is the city with the most football stadiums in the world - we have 18!

For a little history lesson, In 1913 Buenos Aires inaugurated the first subway line in South America. 
And, for a little modern history, LGBT rights in Argentina are among the most advanced in the world - Argentina became the first country in Latin America to legalising same-sex marriage.

How big is the Xaxis team in there?
We're a team of 14! 

Who is your biggest client?
Carrefour, followed by Ford

What is a good visitor tip?
It depends on your preferences, if you’re a football fan you can’t miss a River Plate – Boca Juniors match, and if you like to party there’s plenty of bar and club options to you in Palermo, Las Cañitas, Puerto Madero and more. Buenos Aires is truly the city that never sleeps.

There’s no agreement on a national dish but ‘Locro’ might be one of the most traditional. It’s a hot & hearty white corn based soup which is perfect for winter. It also has pancetta, meat, sausage, potato, carrot and other veg. Recipe here.

But we Argentinians are better known for the quality and taste of our meat that you can try in a traditional ‘asado’, where we cook the meat for a couple of hours over charcoal or firewood. (It can be related to a barbecue in other countries but it’s not the same) 
Give it a try here

Office stop #6: Auckland
Kia Ora Auckland!
A big Kia Ora from New Zealand! A country of two halves (and about 700 smaller islands but who's counting!), you'll find Auckland on the North Island.

The Xaxis team there share some of their fun-loving and rich culture with us, so read on for more!
Team New Zealand!
What is the population of New Zealand?
4.8 million!

What's your national language(s)?
English but Maori is the native language.

What is your capital city?

How big is the Xaxis team there?
9 people, from 7 different countries!

Who is your biggest client?
Ford, Mars and Fonterra.

What's your biggest industry?
Tell us something about Auckland!
Tāmaki Makaurau, the Māori name for Auckland, means 'Tāmaki desired by many'.
Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand. This translates as (literally, ao = cloud, tea = white, pale, roa = long). This could be translated as (the) long white cloud.

What is your cultural tip if visiting?
It definitely has to be a road trip - beaches, to the wineries, to the mountains. Also, there are over 50 volcanoes in the city of Auckland so don't forget to look up!

What is your national sport?
Rugby, commonly known as the All Blacks.

Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
Gumboot throwing - great fun!

When in New Zealand, you have to eat like a local! So bring home some of that culture with their national dish of Fush n' Chups (that's Fish and Chips to you!). This great recipe will bring you to that salty spot...where you can imagine yourself right there, on the North or South Island of New Zealand. Enjoy!

Office stop #5: Shanghai
你好吗 Shanghai!
The team in Shanghai really know how to showcase Xaxis - check out their video from their recent 10th Anniversary celebrations.  

Also, they've shared tips on what you should be checking out when in Shanghai. Just make sure you don't get lost on the metro; at 462 miles of track, it's the longest metro system in the world. 

Read on for more fun facts! 
Team Shanghai know how to keep it on brand!
What is the population of China?
We're a whopping 1.4 billion and in Shanghai, 24 million people!

What's your national language(s)?

What is your capital city?

What's your biggest industry?
For Shanghai it would be advanced manufacturing and MSI(modern service industry, including Real Estate, Finance, etc.) and for the whole country it would be advanced manufacturing.

What is your national sport?
Ping Pong (乒乓), also known as table tennis. We Chinese usually sweep the Olympic gold medals in this event! Our people also like to play ping pong in their leisure time.

Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
Tai Chi (太极拳). Tai Chi is famed for its health benefits and revered for its philosophical, cultural, and historical traditions. Its movements is a bit like Kong Fu, but people practice Tai Chi mostly for their health.
Tell us something about Shanghai!
Shanghai, the metropolis, is called “Mo Du (魔都)” by Chinese people. Mo means ambition and Du means metropolis. 

Old ladies selling white orchids on the streets in Shanghai of summer evening makes the city more elegant and tender, this preserve an ancient atmosphere which is unique.

How big is the Xaxis team in there?
There're over 100 of us in the Shanghai office!

Who is your biggest client?

What is the most important thing you need to know if visiting?
You should definitely visit the Bund! The Bund is mainland China's most iconic concession-era backdrop, Shanghai's standout spectacle and a source of intense local pride.

And you should not miss Yuyuan Gardens. Yuyuan Gardens is one of the nation's best examples of traditional Chinese gardens, and it is also an excellent place to pick up skilfully made handicrafts and keepsakes.

And when it comes to culinary eats, dumplings are the easiest way to become acquainted with Shanghainese cuisine. 

The city’s favourite dumpling is the Xiao Long Bao (小笼包; ‘Little Steamer Buns’).

Give this recipe here a try! 

Another Shanghainese speciality is Sheng Jian (生煎), scallion and sesame seed coated dumplings, that are fried in an enormous flat-bottomed wok, which is covered with a wooden lid.

Anyone else's mouth watering...

Office stop #4: Jakarta
Selamat datang di Jakarta!
Welcome to 'The Big Durian' everyone; to the Special Capital Region of Jakarta! A bustling multi-cultural megacity with a population to match it's 17,000 island, this city has plenty of malls, museums and traffic!

Our Indonesian Team tell us a bit more why they love their city below.
Team Indonesia!
What is the population of Indonesia?
271 million!

What's your national language(s)?
Indonesian :)

What is your capital city?
Jakarta. Although officially we are the Special Capital of Region - our status is a province with 'special capital region' distinction.

Tell us something about Jakarta!
The property price in the elite part of Jakarta is about the same as those in Beverly Hills.

How big is the Xaxis team there?
We started with 3, now there are 20 of us!

Who is your biggest client?

What's your biggest industry?
Agriculture and Food & Beverage.
What is your cultural tip if visiting?
The theme park and the small islands (Kepulauan Seribu) are definitely worth a visit! And fyi, us Jakartans measure distance by travel time instead of kilometre, Because there's a chance that driving 2km distance would take an hour or more!

What is your national sport?

Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
Karapan Sapi, which literally means cow racing, is a traditional bull racing festival on the Indonesian island of Madura (East Java Island) from July to October.

And Stone-jumping or 'Fahombo' is one of the specific traditions from Nias Island, North Sumatra. It was born out of inter-tribal fighting on the island and participating villagers wear traditional war dress known as 'leama' to jump over a stone towers in front of their ancient houses

Are you ready to bring some Indo culture home? Then this recipe is a good example to try the our national dish, Rendang. It's beef slow cooked along with all the best spices and is best eaten with steaming hot rice.

Office stop #3: Dubai
Welcome to Dubai!
As-salam alaykum Dubai! In record time (yes, we're claiming it!) we've reached Dubai the Middle Eastern melting pot famed for it's architecture.

Our MENA Team give us a tour of Xaxis Dubai and we get to find out more about this great cosmopolitan city below.
Team Dubai...skyscraper high five!
What is the population of UAE?
There are 9.7million of us!

What's your national language(s)?
Arabic but English is widely spoken, alongside many Asian nation languages.

What is your capital city?
Abu Dhabi.

What's your biggest industry?
For UAE overall it would be Petroleum and Gas industry however for Dubai, Tourism is the biggest sector.

What is your national sport?
Camel Racing, of course!
Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
Wait for it...falconry!

Tell us something about Dubai and what is a tip if visiting?
Expats make up over 88% of Dubai’s population. It’s also home to the world’s largest waterpark, Aquaventure at Atlantis on the Palm, which is a must visit if you come.

How big is the Xaxis team in UAE?
We're 10 Xaxians!

Who is your biggest client?

Sample some traditional cuisine at home with Kabsa. This is a mixed rice dish, usually served on a communal platter that is commonly regarded as a national dish in countries in the Arabian peninsula. It is usually made from rice, meat, vegetables and a mixture of spices. This is a pretty good recipe here.

Office stop #2: Bucharest
Bună ziua Bucharest!
In a short hop, skip and jump, we made it to Romania's capital Bucharest, office stop #2! 

Also known as 'Little Paris' or 'New Berlin', this city is the largest in Eastern Europe and the place to come for the nightlife, according to our Bucharest Xaxians!

Read on to learn more about this beautiful city...
Team Bucharest :)
What is the population of Romania?
We're 19.26million

What's your national language(s)?
Romanian :)

What is your capital city?

Tell us something about Bucharest!
Bucharest is a charming city with magnificent buildings, wide boulevards and, between the two world wars, was nicknamed 'Little Paris' because of the beautiful architecture. 

How big is the Xaxis team there?
There are 5 of us!

Who is your biggest client?

What's your biggest industry?
Automotive production (Dacia and Ford) and besides this: tractors and other agricultural machines, locomotives, wagons, trucks ships and aircrafts. And weird or not - Romania has proportionally more engineers specialised in Information Technology than the United States, France, Germany, China or India.
What is your cultural tip if visiting?
You have to pay a visit to The Palace of the Parliament. Also named the House of the People, The Palace of the Parliament is the heaviest building in the world and the second largest and most expensive administrative building, right after the Pentagon.
And as mentioned before, Bucharest is also nicknamed 'Little Paris' for the beautiful architecture and we even have our own Arc de Triomphe which the victorious Romanians walked under when we gained independence in 1878. It's a little smaller than the original in Paris but still impressive and worth the visit. 

The Unirii Boulevard was also ordered to be like the Champs-Elysées, only bigger.

What is Romanian's national sport?
Oină (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈoj.nə]) is a Romanian traditional sport, similar in many ways to baseball. But we don’t really practice it, there aren’t competitions – we just learn about it a bit in primary school!

Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
Out of the weirdest sports, Curling is being practiced in Romania in a Mall from Bucharest. Some people watched the sport at TV and started practicing where they found a place. They even founded the Romanian Curling Federation and participated at some European Championships by raising funds.

Sample some Romanian culture at home with Romanian Cabbage Rolls (Sarmale).

This traditional hearty dish is considered to be Romania's national dish. And is made of minced meat (usually pork) mixed with herbs and rice and covered in cabbage leaves. 

This delicious meal is almost always served with Mamaliga (polenta) and sour cream and it’s most popular during winter holidays. Happy cooking!

Office stop #1: Cape Town
Welcome to Cape Town!
We've reached Cape Town and what a great first stop to visit! 

Colloquially named the 'Mother City', the climate here is Mediterranean, the wine is flowing, the smiles are free and all can be enjoyed from the magnificent Table Top Mountain!

Cape Town Xaxians, tell us more about South Africa...
Team South Africa: L-R: Riaan, Ursula (Halloween), Julian, Pilira, Sturae
What is the population of South Africa?
We're a whopping 58.5million people!

What's your national language(s)?
Afrikaans, English, Zulu.

What is your capital city?
We actually have three capital cities: Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein.

What's your biggest industry?
Mining is the biggest industry due to its wealth of mineral resources, although recently there is a shift to wholesale/retail trade, tourism and communications.

What is your national sport?
Football is big and the national team is nicknamed Bafana Bafana which literally translates to 'the boys, the boys' but in Zulu it means 'Go boys!' Rugby and Cricket are also popular sports of South Africa.
Any unusual sports that the rest of the world won’t know about?
The Comrades Marathon. An ultra marathon in Kwazulu-Natal province.

Tell us something about Cape Town!
Cape Town is a port city on a peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain. 

How big is the Xaxis team in there?
We're only a team of 6!

Who is your biggest client?

What is the most important thing you need to know if visiting?
Just remember your first Cape Town visit will probably not be your last. So...go slow, be sensible, chat to locals, stop and smell the fynbos (our unique floral kingdom), then spread the word to your friends and family, the long haul flight is worth it!

Sample some South African culture with this with this legendary Cape Town dish called Babotie. This Raisin Beef Bobotie Recipe comes from the Spier Wine Farm, part of the Stellenbosch wine route and was the venue for WPP Stream (when this was a physical event). 

One of the best spots to get it when in CP is in the Bo Kaap community; the beautiful colours and small houses in the video, a short walk down to the city and Long Street. You'll find some great food around here, inspired by Malaysian curries.