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However you exercise, your contribution to the challenge is greatly valued. Walking the kids to school... add it! Running with the dog... go go go! Popping out to stretch your legs... lovely! Join the Xaxercise Club in Strava to track your progress and see how your fellow Xaxian's are progressing: simply follow the set-up instructions below. If you prefer to log your Xaxercise manually (or are having difficulties syncing your fitness app with Strava), your efforts can still be recorded on the form below. 

Let's Xaxercise!
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Strava set-up instructions (recommended)


Why do you recommend to join Strava, I already have another fitness tracking app that I use...
Strava is recommend as it was already a popular amongst Xaxis colleagues. In Strava, we could create a club just for us, and therefore all our Xaxian’s activities. There is also the great community aspect, where we can give a kudos or three to help encourage each other along this challenge! You can find a helpful full set-up instructions on the homepage *Please remember to allow the Admins to follow you so we can track your activity.

If you are already using another fitness tracker app, simply sync it with the Strava app to share your activities. You can find further details on which apps work with Strava on this support page:

If you would prefer to log your Xaxercise directly and independent of Strava, you can do that using the Form above. We can still track your activity and add your contribution!
I’m not a very ‘sporty’ person, so I can still take part?
Yes, whatever your fitness level, please take part! This challenge is all about keeping our mind, body and soul healthy; so whatever exercise helps you feel good and be happy, is welcomed as contribution.

The exercise/sport I do isn't distance-related, will my exercise still be tracked?
Definitely! Everyone is different in their fitness, so that is why we will convert any non-distance related exercise into a distance. For every 30mins of a non-distance exercise you do, it will count as a 5km contribution. If you are using Strava, simply manually add in your non-distance activity. The Xaxercise team will pull your data and do the rest. If you are using the website Form to log your Xaxercise, just select your activity or simply tell us in the ‘Other’ field.

I manually logged my activity on Strava but there was no '5km per 30mins' conversion for my non-distanced activity. How do you know that I will have contributed?
Fear not, this isn’t an automatic function available in Strava. However, our Xaxercise team are keeping track and we will deduct your Xaxercise from the overall goal. Just keep logging your activity and we will do the rest.
Why are photos on this site and your Instagram page allowed to be viewed by the public – I am not sure about that...
That is totally understandable - participation is voluntary and therefore photos are too. This site and our Instagram page is set to a public view, simply to reach as many Xaxians as we can, and to help encourage each other by sharing our fun photos. We suggest you post only what you are comfortable with.

How did Xaxercise start?
Like all great ideas, it started with fun at heart! Leanne Mackee, Director of Marketing EMEA, with two friends, took part in a personal fitness challenge in 2020. Between them, they raised money for a charity by taking part in a Triathlon, with each friend doing one part of the three disciplines. From this mental and physical enjoyment, came the idea to challenge all Xaxians in our 10th anniversary year, to share their fitness fun with each other.

Can I contact someone if I have any questions about this challenge?
Yes, please contact us at We’ll try to reply as soon as we’re out of our meeting / got our hands out of the cookie jar / back from our Xaxercise, of course!